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Express personal style through your backsplash or wall by using modwalls’ unique wedge tiles from Kiln. These ceramic triangle shape tiles are handmade and shipped loose for easy, custom installation. Made for both wet and dry indoor areas, they’re ideal for giving your bathroom or kitchen a truly modern edge. Perfect for creating exceptional triangular tessellations in white, blue, yellow and gray, wedge tiles are leading the way in allowing for new and innovative interior design ideas.

Being 5/16” in thickness, ceramic wedge tiles can be paired with our chevron tiles to create unique diagonal patterns. On their own, they can create flower, star and transitional patterns like no other. Consider applying our wedge tiles with one of our Bostik urethane grouts, available in an array of neutral tones to bring out the richness of each hue. No matter your vision, wedge tiles can help you achieve it indoors or around the exterior of your home.

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