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Marina and Oasis Glass Tile Installation Guide

These instructions will serve as a guideline for the installation of Marina and Oasis glass tile. We advise you to hire a licensed professional tile installer to install this product.

Modwalls Marina and Oasis Glass Tile is handmade and kiln-fired. Some batch variation is natural. Inspect the product before installation, as use implies acceptance and no claim can be acknowledged after installation. Points below are a general guide only. Please contact Modwalls if you need more details.

Glass tile is installed similarly to high-grade porcelain tile, but they are less forgiving of poor preparation or workmanship. Installation must be prepared and carried out carefully. As glass expands more than ceramic, ensure adequate expansion control joints, including the perimeter. Maximum distance between joints: Internally 20-25 feet (6-7.5 meters) Externally 8-12 feet (2.5-3.5 meters)

Grout Adhesive: Grout joints should be a minimum 1/16 inch (1.5-2 millimeters) Fixing Marina and Oasis tile have an advanced glass backing that allows installation over a combined thin-set bed as per standard ceramics. Use a white latex modified thin-set mortar with high flexibility. With grey adhesive, some slight tonal shading may occur. Mix adhesives in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Note: Due to the impervious nature of glass, you may need extended drying times.

Cutting Glass Tile: Straight cuts need quality “score and snap” tile cutters. Those with a “T bar” lever action from above are best, e.g. Sigma brand. Those that split using a point rising from beneath often result in chipping. Sharp edges should be dressed with a diamond stone. Cut outs and difficult cuts need low revolution (3500-3800 rpm) wet saws with continuous rim diamond blades, e.g. Makita brand, model 4190DW. Cutting Tip: Glass cuts better when warm. Drilling requires water-cooled machines of low revolution speeds. Water-swivels fitted with hollow diamond core bits are best. 

Grouting Glass Tile: Edges are transparent, so grout color can influence the color effect of tiles. Use grouts matching or tonally lighter than the tile color. Grout only when the adhesive has cured to a strong bond. Grouts should form part of a complete system as recommended by the adhesive provider. In exterior, wet, submersed or high vibration uses, use polymer/latex to modify the grout. Grout an area that can be readily cleaned at a time. Marina and Oasis glass tile should be cleaned within one hour of grouting, at most. Clean up by wiping with a coarse, segmented (slit) sponge that is damp, but not wet. Wipe in a diagonal direction. Keep the sponge flat and wipe in short strokes. Rinse thoroughly between strokes. Avoid dragging grouts from the joints. As glass is impervious, grout joints may dry slower than the grout on the tile surface. Use a dry cloth for final polishing.

Recommended Grouts: Modwalls recommends using non-epoxy sanded grouts from a quality manufacturer. New Urethane Grouts have also been very easy to use. Modwalls preferred grout brand for Marina and Oasis is Laticrete PermaColor. Carefully read use and clean up instructions before installing. Un-sanded grouts can be more difficult to clean up on glass tile. *All installations should meet or exceed guidelines and specifications as outlined by the TCNA (

Grout Cleaning: Grouting glass requires extra care in clean up to remove any unwanted grout from the surface. Pay special attention to glass with a textured surface or if modified grouts have been used. Grout left on the surface will shadow on the tile back. Grout on a textured surface can be hard to see if the surface is damp. Check carefully to ensure all excess has been removed. NOTE: In the case of grouts modified with an acrylic additive, excess grout left on the surface will be extremely difficult to remove!

Recommended approach for removing grout haze: After initial application and proper clean up, allow grout to harden overnight. NOTE: Do not wait longer than 1 day for the final cleaning, as hardened grout is extremely difficult to clean off! Apply a properly diluted sulfamic acid solution to tile surface using a brush or spray bottle. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to insure proper solution mix. Allow solution to sit for 2 minutes or more before rigorously scrubbing the surface of the glass with a small scouring sponge or a small brush. Clean with water and a clean sponge. Sulfamic Acid: This mild cleaning acid is available at your local tile showroom or hardware store under the brands of Aquamix or TileCare. Follow the simple safety directions.