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We're all going to have to buy humongous houses, just so we can implement all your amazing... View more
March 03, 2017
.The wall turned out amazing!! Thank you so much for all your help! I attached a photo for... View more
March 03, 2017
I used your Brio glass tile for my new kitchen in my old mid century modern home. A friend told me if there was ever a tile made just for me, it... View more
February 22, 2017
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Our Made in North America - Colorful Lush Glass Subway Tiles 

We have several made in America Glass Subway Tiles, our Lush Glass Subway Tile is availabe in stock in our newest 6x12 size.

We will be adding additional colors and sizes throughout the year!

Our Lush Subway Tiles are available by pre-order in several additional sizes and colors - contact us at 

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