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How To Create Your modwalls® Custom Glass Tile Blend

Order Samples and Your Blend:

Once you have the blend that you’d like you may email it to yourself with any notes you’d like to include. If you also select “Contact Me”, we will automatically receive a copy of your blend, and you will receive an email from us with instructions on how to order a sample of your blend. This link to our Brio Blend Samples page will allow you to order 1 custom blend sample per order (please note that grout is not included with your tile sample).

We strongly encourage you to order samples of your custom blend designs, as monitor colors are not reliable and custom blend orders are not refundable. Once you have ordered and received your sample and are ready to order your modwalls® custom mosaic tile blend, simply call us at our toll free number (877) 439-9734 to place your order, Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm Pacific Time (at this time the custom blender is not connected to our online ordering system). Please note that there is a 20 sq.ft. minimum order per custom blend.

Here’s How We Produce Your Custom Blends:

Hope Services

  1. We outsource our modwalls® custom mosaic tile blend production locally to the wonderful people at Hope Services. Hope Services is a non-profit organization which employs developmentally disabled adults to do production work of all kinds. We have partnered with HOPE since 2005 on our custom blend production. Hope’s clients are responsible for making each sheet of your custom glass tile blend a true work of art, made with pride and love! There are currently over 30 Hope clients dedicated to the modwalls® custom tile blend production.For more information on HOPE go to
  2. We begin new production runs weekly. Hope Services receives your custom blend recipe and the appropriate sheets of each single color in the blend.
  3. The single colors are soaked off of their paper mounting and sorted to make sure that any cracked or chipped tiles are not included in the finished blend.
  4. Tiles are set individually onto plastic grids in a random pattern according to your recipe.
  5. Each filled grid is reviewed for quality and then a plastic film is placed over the top or “face” of the tile to hold it in place for installation.
  6. This entire process generally takes about 1 week to complete (orders over 200 sq.ft. may take a bit longer). We’ll confirm the actual time- to- produce based upon total square footage and other orders in the queue when we take your order.
  7. Once your blend is complete, we’ll ship it via UPS and email your tracking number to you.

Thank you for considering customizing your space with our Modwalls Custom Tile Blender. We look forward to working with you!