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Modwalls in the Community

Hope Services

We believe that everyone in the world has the right to feel fulfilled and know that their work serves a purpose. To that end it is one of our business goals to help employ those who may not otherwise have work that is readily available to them. Another goal is to have the opportunity to donate some of our profits to those in need.

We outsource our modwalls® custom mosaic tile blend production locally to the wonderful people at Hope Services. Hope Services is a non-profit organization which employs developmentally disabled adults to do production work of all kinds and assist people with developmental disabilities to live full lives and participate in their communities.. We have partnered with HOPE since 2005 on our custom Brio blend production. Hope's clients are responsible for making each sheet of your custom glass tile blend a true work of art, made with pride and love! There are currently over 30 Hope clients dedicated to the modwalls® custom tile blend production.


From April 2007 through April 2008, we contributed a portion of every sale to  Since that time we have continuously reinvested that money as the loans are paid back. Kiva lets you lend a specific amount of money to entrepreneurs in the developing world - empowering them to lift themselves out of poverty.

Modwalls donates tile to RAFT for use in art projects. We are happy to have discovered RAFT the Resource Area For Teachers in San Jose, CA because we believe that teachers are one of the most important influences on our children's lives. RAFT knows that teaching is the best way for our children to learn, so they provide teachers and community groups with tolls and materials to promote hands on teaching in science, math, technology and art.