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Modwalls® Commercial Tile

Commercial Tile for Business & Hospitality

Restaurants, storefronts, feature walls, countertops, floors, displays and water features; these are just a few of the ways that Modwalls® commercial tile can be used!

Want to see for yourself? Take a look at our Commercial Tile Galleryto see some of the photos we've received from our customers.

Each of the Modwalls® tile collections listed below are well-suited for commercial tile installations. Click on any icon to see all of the tile options available within the product line.

Lush Commercial Tile
Lush Glass Tile
Brio Commercial Tile
Brio Glass Mosaic Tile
Kiln Commercial Tile
Kiln Ceramic Tile
Rex Ray Rox Commercial Tile
Rex Ray Rox Tile
Rex Ray Type Commercial Tile
Rex Ray Type Tile
Clayhaus Commercial Tile
Clayhaus Mosaic Tile
ModDotz Commercial Tile
ModDotz Penny Tile
Basis Commercial Tile
Basis Ceramic Floor Tile
Tiki Commercial Tile
Tiki Glass Mosaic Tile
CorkDotz Commercial Tile
CorkDotz Mosaic Tile