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Shop By Multi-Colored Tile

Light colors tend to evoke an expansive, airy and brighter feeling within a room, while darker colors create more intimate environments that seem warm and sophisticated. For a balanced energy, consider one of modwalls’ multi-colored tile blends for a more unique look. Our multi-colored tile blends feature an array of shapes and sizes, ranging from square Brio mosaic tiles to Lush glass subway tiles and Clayhaus ceramic plus tiles.

If you aren’t sure whether a multi-colored tile blend is right for your kitchen or bathroom, we encourage you to purchase a custom blend sample to help you visualize your choice by comparing it on your backsplash, wall, floor, counter top, or fireplace. Our tiles also work well for outdoor applications such as pools and patios, creating a specialty appeal for your home’s exterior. If you don’t like any of our featured tile blends shown here, use our modwalls Tile Blender to create a multi-colored tile blend of your own to match any existing design and color scheme throughout your home.

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