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Modwalls® Modern Tile Designs for Your Bathroom

Let Modwalls tile inspire your dream bathroom.

Our shower and bath tile designs have been adorning bathrooms in homes, hotels, restaurants and offices since 2005. Most of our bathroom tile is also rated for bath and shower floors.

To see Modwalls® tile installed in bathrooms click here to view our Bathroom Tile Ideas Gallery.

Here are the tile collections we recommend for shower and bathroom tile:

Lush Bathroom Tile
Lush Glass Tile
Kiln Bathroom Tile
Kiln Ceramic Tile
Brio Bathroom Tile
Brio Glass Mosaic Tile
Clayhaus Bathroom Tile
Clayhaus Mosaic Tile
Rex Ray Ether Bathroom Tile
Rex Ray Ether Floor Tile
Rex Ray Rox Bathroom Tile
Rex Ray Rox Ceramic Tile
Rex Ray Type Bathroom Tile
Rex Ray Type Glass Tile
Basis Bathroom Tile
Basis Ceramic Floor Tile
ModDotz Bathroom Tile
ModDotz Penny Tile
CorkDotz Bathroom Tile
CorkDotz Tile