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Modwalls® glass tile blends and patterns are inspired by modern architecture and design with a nod to mid-century style. Our modwalls® tile blender allows you to create your own custom modwalls® glass tile blends using our own Brio™  line of glass mosaic tile colors & styles. We have partnered locally with HOPE Services and their San Jose, CA based workshop of developmentally disabled adults who are dedicated to making these custom tile blends into works of art for your walls and floors.

Our Lush® glass tile blends are created with our 8mm glass tile and the color is kiln fired onto the back of the tile. We stock these beautiful, jewel-toned tile blends in a few different sizes and you can also create your own blend with our 3x6 and 4x12 Lush® subway tiles by purchasing any set of colored sheets of your desire.

Our glass tile blends are a wonderful option to consider for your kitchen backsplash tile, bathroom tile, pool tile or floor tile!





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