Installation Guides

We've created a specific installation guide for each of our tile options including our contemporary 3/4” Brio® modern glass mosaic tile, our extremely popular Lush® glass subway tile and our retro-mod ModDotz™ porcelain penny round tiles. You will also find a guide for our 98% recycled glass Viridian™ tile, modwalls® ModRocks™ pebble mosaics and of course our CorkDotz™ wall and floor tile.

If you have additional questions feel free to contact or call our toll free number for assistance from 9-5 PST: (877) 689-9734

Brio® ¾” Glass Tile


Lush® Glass Tile


Modwalls® Ceramic Tile


Modwalls® Crave Tile


ModDotz™ Porcelain Penny Rounds


ModRocks™ Pebble Tile


Cork Deluxe™ Cork Tile


harvest bamboo tile
Harvest Bamboo Tile


real penny tile
Real Penny Mosaics


Viridian™ Recycled Glass Tile