Subway Tile


We stock a huge variety of subway tile options in a range of colors and sizes. Our gorgeous Lush® glass subway tiles are popular for kitchen backsplash, bathroom tile, fireplace tile, or any other indoor or outdoor tile backsplash application you can dream of.

We offer our Lush® subway tiles in sizes including 4”x12”, 3”x6”, 1”x2”, 1”x4” and ½”x2”. All of these subway tiles are perfect as kitchen backsplash tile, and they will allow you to create a beautiful subway tile bathroom as well.  

In 2011 we launched a line of 2”x8” ceramic subway tiles handcrafted in the USA. Our collection consists of ultra-mod 2”x8” smooth glazed ceramic subway tiles in seven classically modwalls® colors which can be installed individually or mixed and matched to create a completely custom ceramic subway tile design. Our ceramic subway tiles make an incredible kitchen backsplash tile, bathroom tile or fireplace tile.

  Lush Subway tile Rain