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I used your Brio glass tile for my new kitchen in my old mid century modern home. A friend told me if there was ever a tile made just for me, it... View more
February 22, 2017
We are happy happy ! Thank you Chris... View more
February 07, 2017
Thanks for the quick reply. I am really glad to have bought from you; I am always pleased to support a small business, being the product of one... View more
January 24, 2017
Rex Ray Studio ceramic Rox tiles are ultra-modern and retro. A variation on cobblestone, Rox tiles are perfect for indoor and outdoor application in areas suited for an inspired blend of nature meets commercial. Enhance your backyard bar, cabana or studio with something different, or create stunning visuals in your kitchen and bathroom with unique walls and backsplashes. Not just for residential use, Rox tiles also make a bold choice for salons, spas, boutiques, design firms, and other small businesses in need of positive first impressions and creative focal points.

These handcrafted, faux stone, artisan tiles are available in shades of white, gray, green, blue and yellow. Featuring a somewhat matte sheen, the subtle tones of these Rox wall tiles can easily complement hardwood floors - ideal for evoking calming, natural ambiance in any given space. With names like Comet blue, Martian green, and Solar yellow, these colorful tiles can also liven up a room with fresh energy! However you choose to use them, Rox tiles are sure to highlight your home or business in places you may not have previously imagined.

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