Bright Green Lush 3x6 Glass Subway Tile in Lemongrass - modwalls
Bright Green Lush 3x6 Glass Subway Tile in Lemongrass - modwallsLush 3x6 glass Subway Tile Lemongrass yellow greenLush 3x6 glass Subway Tile Lemongrass yellow greenLush 3x6 glass Subway Tile Lemongrass yellow green

Lush Lemongrass - 3x6 Glass Subway Tile

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Lush® 3x6 subway tile "Lemongrass" is a bright and vibrant green. This glass subway tile is ideal for any wall application including kitchen backsplash tile, bathroom tile, fireplace tile and pool tile. Each square foot sheet is mesh backed and has 8 individual tiles. Sheets can be installed as is or the tiles can be peeled off of the mesh and installed individually in offset brick pattern alone or mixed with other colors. This tile is easy to install in wet areas as well as dry, and it is well-suited for interior tile and exterior tile applications.
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Product Reviews

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Family so happy with our choice!
Marca Price (Plano, TX) 6/24/2013 4:09 PM
My husband first said we should put in this backsplash for our new kitchen. We all got onboard with the idea and after seeing the finished product we are THRILLED with the result. EVERY person who sees the new kitchen cannot stop gushing about the backsplash tile and the color! Thanks Modwalls!! I should add...I ordered too much and the return was so simple and easy and the customer service along the way was AMAZING!
Lemongrass 3x6 for shower installation
Beate (Cininnati, Ohio) 4/5/2012 3:23 PM
I was impressed by how well packaged my order arrived. Not one single broken tile! The color is gorgeous although I have to deduct a star because my sample color was much lighter than the actual order which was a new dye lot. So therefore the color of the butterfly in my Henry Road accent tile didn’t match the rest of the tile since it was lighter. I didn’t have any problems with cutting and jagged etches like another reviewer said. I just bought a new diamond blade for glass tiles for my wet saw and it went smoothly. Of course you can’t undercut this tile for circles and 90 degree cut outs since the color is only on the back of the tile and once removed it’s only clear glass. So the thinset will show through. But that’s the trickiness with glass tile. Also it doesn’t soak up moisture from the thinset so it has the propensity slide down the wall if you don’t use spacers in every grout joint. ( I learned the hard way!) It’s a hard tile to photograph in a room with no natural light so it looks a lot darker in my pictures than in reality.
Glass tile backing jagged after cutting
Jill (Billings, Montana) 3/5/2012 2:09 PM
Disappointed in how glass tile came out on cuts. We followed the directions and tried several different ways to cut this tile, but the colored coating on the back of the tile ended up jagged and torn on the cut edge and thus looked bad when installed cuz the adhesive showed through the tile vs. having a clean line of colored tile. We were able to hide some of it with trim, but had to use more tile than planned due to having bad edges. I love the Lemongrass green color, just can’t look too close at the edges or I want to cry!

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