Henry Road for modwalls

Lush® Henry Road

  These gorgeous glass tile designs are the result of our collaboration with textile designer Paula Smail of Henry Road®. The Henry Road® designs are kiln fired to the back of our Lush® glass tile. The designs and colorways here are in stock on 6” Lush® glass tiles, mesh mounted by the square foot sheet. Custom Henry Road® designs, sizes and colorways are available by special order.

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  Henry Road square glass tile

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Tan & Light Blue 6
Circles Dune/Cloud
Price: $21.95
Field Cloud/Fog Bank
Price: $21.95
Glass Tile Field Wasabi Cloud Light Green & White Modern | modwalls - modwalls
Field Wasabi/Cloud
Price: $21.95
Lush Henry Road Field Bamboo Cloud Designer Glass Tile - modwalls
Field Bamboo/Cloud
Price: $21.95
Glass Tile Butterfly Yellow & White Tile | modwalls Design 6
Butterfly Daisy/Cloud
Price: $19.95
Glass Tile Gloria White & Yellow Flower | Henry Roads for modwalls - modwalls
Gloria Cloud/Daisy
Price: $19.95