modwalls® Harvest Bamboo Mosaics Installation Guide

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These instructions will serve as a guideline for the installation of modwalls® Harvest Bamboo Mosaics tile.
We advise you to hire a licensed professional tile installer to install this product.


It is important that you inspect your entire order to ensure that it is acceptable before installation. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your order please contact us immediately at 877-439-9734 or

Installation Constitutes Acceptance.


Modwalls® Harvest Bamboo Mosaic tile is a real wood product which has a special acclimation process that must be followed before installation. It is important that this tile sit inside the location it is to be installed for 4-5 days prior to installation in order to acclimate to the environment.

Harvest Bamboo Mosaics are suitable for interior dry wall applications only. It is essential that this product is installed in dry areas only as it is made from real wood, and any contact with moisture could result in the tile warping and/ or cracking.



Preparing the existing surface is the most critical task of any tile installation. The tile must be placed on a rigid, level, plumb and structurally sound surface to avoid problems. The surface should be clean, dry and free of contaminants that could prevent a good bond.

The recommended substrate is a cement backer board such as HardieBacker.



We recommend using mastic, thin-set or an epoxy thin-set and unsanded grout to install this product.


The necessary tools for tiling are: Rubber grout float, 3/16” v-notched trowel, sponge, lint free cloth and a saw appropriate for cutting through wood.


    Remove the tile from its packaging and let it acclimate to the room you are installing it in. It should acclimate for 4-5 days prior to installation.

    Evenly apply appropriate adhesive over the prepared substrate.

    Carefully lay out and place each sheet of modwalls® Harvest Bamboo Mosaic tile next to one another on the adhesive. Before grouting, allow the adhesive to dry for the timeframe recommended by the manufacturer. A thin-set will cure/dry in 24-48 hours.

    Evenly distribute grout with a high quality rubber trowel, making certain that all joints are completely filled. The finished joints should be uniformly smooth without any voids, pinholes or low spots.

    Using a slightly damp sponge, wipe across Harvest Bamboo Mosaics in a diagonal direction to remove the grout film from the surface of the tile. Turn the sponge after each wipe, using each side of the sponge only once. Make sure that all the grout joints have been filled and wipe away excess as you go.

    Wipe Harvest Bamboo Mosaics with a lint-free cloth as the final step buffing away all residual grout from the surface of the tile


    Beware of Grout Haze:

    Grout haze is a very thin layer of grout which has been allowed to dry on the surface of the tile. During installation the grout must be completely wiped from the tile surface and then the tops of the tiles buffed with a soft cloth to remove any residual grout film. Once the grout dries overnight there is little that can be done to remove grout haze.


    • You can cut Harvest Bamboo Mosaics with a tile saw or a fine-tooth wood saw.
    • Any wood drill will be sufficient to drill through modwalls® Harvest Bamboo Mosaics.

    Cleaning Harvest Bamboo Mosaics Tile:

    • Cleaning this tile is similar to cleaning any hardwood flooring product. Dry mopping or wiping with a dry cloth works well.