StarGlass Grout is a revolutionary one of a kind product which is made from recycled glass dust, pre-mixed and stored in a resealable container. The waterproof, stain-proof formula won't crack or break over time, and it has a translucent glow that will bring elegance and beauty to your tile installation. StarGlass is composed of post-consumer recycled glass, emits little to no VOCs, and eliminates job-site waste. StarGlass' long lasting, easy-to-use formula provides unmatched stain resistance, ultimate color consistency, crack resistant flexibility, mold/mildew protection and UV stability. These features and benefits are sure to minimize life cycle costs and provide a translucent, three-dimensional, reflective appearance that you can enjoy for years to come.

Please see our blog post about choosing grout for more information and helpful tips.

You can use this drop-down menu to approximate how much tile each 9 pound bucket of Starglass grout will cover.

*NOTE: These numbers represent the maximum amount of tile that can be covered with one tub of grout if there is NO WASTE. Just as we would with any tile order, we recommend that you purchase about 10% extra grout for overage or waste.

  Opal Starglass Grout
  starglass grout technical data sheetStarglass Grout Technical Data Sheet

Installing grout on YouTube  Watch our StarGlass Grout installation video

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