Mosaic Glass Tile Blue & Orange Cabo Brio  - modwalls
Mosaic Glass Tile Blue & Orange Cabo Brio  - modwalls

Brio Blend Cabo - Glass Mosaic Tile

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Brio® "Cabo" tile blend is a fun mix of bright colors including ocean blues with a splash of white and marigold orange. The blend is well suited for any application including kitchen backsplash tile, bathroom tile, floor tile and pool tile. It comes mesh-backed by the 1.15 square foot sheet of 225 tiles. Perfect for any interior and exterior applications. Cabo is an equal mix (16.7% of each) of the Brio colors BA003 Bright White, BA701 Pale Blue, BA703 Cerulean, BA704 Turquoise, BB705 Tropical, and BC401 Marigold.
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