Brio Blends

Brio ® Blends

We're always creating new modwalls® blends with our Brio® 3/4" glass mosaic tile, and offering them here for immediate delivery. Each tile measures 3/4 square x 4mm thick.

If you don't see the perfect blend and wish to create your own, we've made that easy too with our modwalls® Tile Blender. Click Here to create your own custom 3/4" glass tile blend from our 4 types of Brio® glass mosaic tile, Color, Pearl , Metallic, and Clear.

We produce our modwalls® Custom Blends locally with the help of HOPE Services, Inc. Hope's clients are developmentally disabled adults who offer their talent to us by making each sheet of our blends by hand in their local workshop. Most blends are completed in 1 week. For more information on our partnership with HOPE Services, Inc. Click Here.

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