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About Modwalls

Lush Tile

Husband-and-wife entrepreneurs and Rebecca Lonergan and David Bousfield founded Modwalls®in 2005. Their goal was to create the colorful and modern tile designs that they were unable to find during their own home remodeling projects

Our aesthetic is modern and mid-century inspired. What we’re really all about is designing cool and colorful tile, and making it  available online for anyone to buy and enjoy in their own home or commercial space.

We love what we do and we get excited about helping each and every customer find the perfect tile solution for their own unique environment. Our focus is not only in creating the highest quality and most unique tile designs we can, but also in providing extreme customer service. We want every customer to feel as if they were are only customer. And we’d like everyone to: “LIVE WITH COLOR”


Meet Team Modwalls:


Rebecca Lonergan is our Founder and Creative Director. She and her husband David created Modwalls, after being frustrated with not finding the colorful and modern tile they wanted for their own home remodeling projects.  

Says Rebecca: By creating tile designs in colors and sizes we love, we've connected with like minded retail and trade clients. We want to help people to Live WIth Color and be fearless with their design choices so that everyone can be happy in their home and business evironments. Tile is our way of doing that. I say:

" If It Makes You Happy Make It Happen!"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Rebecca’s favorite Lush glass subway tile color? Lemongrass



David Bousfield is our Founder and Chief Operations Officer. With experience in high tech sales engineering and an interest in business operations, he started the Modwalls’ website and fulfillment procedures. He remains a consultant to the business as it grows. Says David: “I love how we took an idea that we were passionate about, creating colorful modern tile and making it available online, and made it into such a fun business. I hope that our energy and enthusiasm is felt by our great customers.

David’s favorite Lush glass tile color? Surf 




Jessica Lee is our Manager of Trade Sales and a Product Advisor:  She keeps our trade clients up to date on their tile needs for projects large and small, commercial and residential.

Says Jessica: “I am glad to talk with you about your tile needs and love to be able to help you get the perfect colors and styles of tile for your projects. I am proud of our products and happy that they make such a big impact on our customers' home improvement and commercial projects. I look forward to working with you so PLEASE do not hesitate to call or email because that’s why I am here. 877-439-9734 or"

Jessica’s favorite Lush glass subway tile color?  Inkwell


ChrisChris Murphy Fitzgerald is our Product Advisor focused on working with our retail customers ordering tile for their own home projects. She has many years of experience in the highest levels of customer service as well as home remodeling projects with her husband, a general contractor. Oh and Chris lives about 2 minutes from the office so she’s always here first!  Says Chris: “I’m so happy to work at Modwalls helping our wonderful customers find their perfect tile solutions.”

Chris’ favorite Lush glass subway tile color? Poppy




Luis Nunez is our Manager of Shipping. He runs the most orderly warehouse you can imagine.  The man has made warehouse management an art, and his expertise is the reason we constantly get feedback that our orders are “packed so well and arrived without a scratch!” His job gets just as much attention as his car… which is SPARKLING. Says Luis: “I take pride in the fact that our customers get their tile on time and in great condition. If problems arise we get them fixed quickly and efficiently.”

Luis’ favorite Lush glass tile color? Peacock



 We’re big believers in giving back. We partner with local organizations including: