About Us
modwalls Lush glass subway tiles

Husband-and-wife entrepreneurs David Bousfield and Rebecca
Lonergan Bousfield
founded modwalls® in 2005. Their goal?
To create the modern, colorful, economical and well made tile
designs that they were unable to find during their own home
remodels. Now eight years later the modwalls® brand is thriving
with loyal customers in the design and hospitality world, as
well as homeowners throughout North America who are seeking
something different than they are able to find in most brick and
mortar showrooms or big box home goods stores.

Modwalls’ aesthetic is modern and mid century inspired. What
we’re really all about is designing cool and colorful tile,
and making it available online for anyone to buy and enjoy in
their own home or commercial space. In recent years we’ve been
expanding our brand through creative partnerships with artisans
like Rex Ray Studio, Henry Road, Clayhaus and
Atomic Ranch Magazine.

We love what we do and we get excited about helping each and
every customer find the perfect tile solution for their own unique
environment. Our focus is not only in creating the coolest tile designs we can, but also in providing extreme customer service. We believe in a level of service that's unfortunately rare in our modern world. Give us a try and let us delight you!


Here's a little more about the folks who make modwalls tick:

Rebecca Lonergan Bousfield Rebecca Lonergan is modwalls® Co-Founder and Creative Director. After a career in high tech staffing management she learned marketing, sales and service at top companies including eBay and Google. While always having a creative and entrepreneurial bent, Rebecca wanted to pursue that side of herself in an online business. The need for cool tile was the perfect opportunity to meld all of her skills and interests.
Says Rebecca: "I love every aspect of our business! I'm proud of the creative and service minded staff we have, and am equally excited that by creating tile designs that we love, we've attracted like minded customers who keep us motivated every day. Hearing good things from our satisfied customers and giving back to the community at large are just some of the ways we stay motivated. Creating the modwalls® brand has been a dream come true. I feel like I'm working in a candy store!"

Jessica Lee

Jessica Lee is modwalls' Manager of Customer Experience. She says: "Usually you will get me when you call modwalls. I am glad to talk with you about your tile needs and love to be able to help you get the perfect colors and styles of tile for your projects. I am proud of our products and happy that they make such a big impact on our customers' home improvement and commercial projects. I look forward to working with you so PLEASE do not hesitate to call or email because that’s why I am here. 877-439-9734 or service@modwalls.com."

Katelyn Bowman

Katelyn Bowman is modwalls' Trade Sales + Interior Design Specialist – the newest addition to the modwalls team. As a licensed interior designer, she loves ALL THINGS DESIGN: interiors, products, graphics, clothing...you name it. Orange is her favorite color, and if you’ve studied color theory, you know this explains a lot about her.

Luis Nunez

Luis Nunez is our Shipping Manager and our rock. The man has made warehouse management an art, and his expertise is the reason we constantly get feedback that our orders are “packed so well and arrived without a scratch!” His job gets just as much attention as his car… which is SPARKLING.



We’re big believers in giving back. We partner with local organizations including:


Each time someone spends their hard earned money on our tile we are honored, and we do a happy dance when design blogs, print publications and the trade take notice of what we’re about.

Our customers keep us inspired to continue “making tile modern,” piece by shiny little piece!

modwalls® is a division of Sunset Mountains, Inc.
800 Estates Drive, Ste 100
Aptos, CA95003

Toll Free Phone Number (US only):1-877-439-9734
From Canada Dial:1-831-689-9734
Fax Number: 1-831-689-9737