Tile Edging Examples

All of modwalls® Lush® glass tile  and Brio® modern glass mosaic tiles have clean, crisp, finished edges, and once installed a simple grouting technique will create the sleek edge finish that looks best with our modern tile.

To grout edges without bull nose tiles: 1) Lay down a strip of 2” blue painters tape along the exposed edge of the tile, about 1 grout space away from the tile. 2) Apply grout to the top and edges of the tile, wiping the grout along the edge so that it covers the space from the top of the tile to the edge of the tape. Try to grout at a 45 degree angle from the face of the tile to the edge of the blue tape on the wall. 3) Wait for the grout to set to the point that you can buff the surface of the tile with a lint free cloth, then pull up the tape and it will leave the grout with a nice straight edge.

The other way to finish the edges is with a ceramic bull nose (Angle or “L” shaped), which can be installed next to the exposed edge so that it leaves a gap between the edge of the tile and the edge of the bull nose which is the same width as the grout joints. Simply grout the space and clean the grout from the outer exposed strip edge. This method is most often used with our porcelain penny round tile.

The last recommendation we have is that you consider using Schluter metal edge pieces, which look great with our ceramic tiles.

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