Lush 1x4 Weave

Lush® 1x4 Weave Subway Tile

Introducing modwalls® Lush® 1x4 WEAVE glass subway tiles!

Modwalls WEAVE patterns were created by modwalls in-house Interior Designer, Katelyn Bowman. When developing this simple, but intriguing pattern for modwalls, Katelyn wanted to create a fresh twist on a tried and true version of herringbone and chevron patterns using our modern 8mm thick Lush® 1x4 glass tile.

Our gorgeous Lush® glass subway tile is ideal for any kitchen backsplash, it makes a sophisticated bathroom tile, and it's right at home on any fireplace tile façade or as a luxurious and sleek pool tile.

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  Lush 1x4 WEAVE glass tile in Vapor blue
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