1/2x2 Subway

Lush® 1/2x2 Subway Tile

This is modwalls® Lush® 1/2x2 line of mini glass subway tile colors and tile blends. This 8mm thick glass tile has high quality colorant kiln fired onto the back which creates a gorgeous, reflective and dimensional glass subway tile. We stock a few individual solid colors and our 1/2x2 subway tile blends are an extremely popular glass tile option.

This glass subway tile is ideal for wall tile applications in both wet and dry areas, and the tile can be used in an outdoor setting as well. It makes an ideal kitchen backsplash tile, the format is extremely popular for bathroom tile, and we've seen it as fireplace tile and pool tile, and both options are stunning.

Sold by the mesh mounted sheet measuring .96 square feet, there are 108 individual 1/2x2 glass tiles on each sheet of tile.

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  Lush Big Sur 1/2x2 small subway tiles
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